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How Does It Work

We bridge the gap between past landlords and past tenants! 
Rental Settlement Services has helped renters with evictions and broken leases for over five years. Many tenants have a desire to payoff their balance. In some cases tenants are unable to locate the landlord resulting in a hard rental balance on their tenant report. Thus greatly reducing their ability to rent.
Our platform is designed to connect a tenant with their previous landlord in one place to send and receive rental payments to settle a rental debt. 

Free Consultation
  1. Consult with your assigned specialist regarding your case.
  2. We pull your tenant report to review your rental history and balance. 
  3. We contact your previous landlord(s) to request a balance reduction of less than you actually owe.
  4. We structure a very simple plan, both short term and long term.
  5. Our short term plan is to help you to obtain immediate housing through a second chance rental program.
  6. Our long term plan is to clear your name of any eviction, broken lease or rental balance.
  7. Final solution is to free you of your bad rental history with a fresh start.
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