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  • How it works

We bridge the gap between past landlords and past tenants! 
Rental Settlement Services is a judgment and settlement services company. We collect and transfer payments from tenants who have agreed to settle their rental judgment case with their previous landlord through our company. Many of our clients are tenants who voluntarily want to payoff their rental balance and prefer to use a third party company to negotiate a balance reduction and act as their intermediary. 

Urban Credit Management and Rental Settlement Services retains a percentage of the gross settlement amount withdrawn by property managers. Speak with an agent to learn more 888-652-3334.

Setup A Free Account

  • Create an account for your organization on Rental Settlement Services.
  • Next have your tenant create an account. Then provide your tenant with your user Id to identify you as the payee.

Payment Process To Retrieve Your Funds
  1. Sign into your account view your balance.
  2. Request a withdrawal from your account balance.
  3. Provide mailing address for delivery.
  4. Payment received within 7 to 14 days of withdrawal request. To get started you make click here.

How Tenants Fund Their Accounts
2 Options Offered
  1. Fund an account up to $250.00 using a credit or debit card.
  2. Fund  an account up to $1500.00 by making a payment at any local 7Eleven Stores, Ace Check Cashing Stores or CVS Pharmacy. Request an invoice to receive account information and instructions on how to fund a Rental Settlement Services account.

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